Einarsson 9Plus Bronze

The 9plus reel from Einarsson is a heavy workhorse engineered to give the fisherman the edge.

The silky smooth brake will handle the biggest of Salmon as well as Tarpon in the 100lb plus class, meaning the Einarsson 9plus reel will match both your double handed rod or heavy single handed rod perfectly.

Rod Weights: SH#10/11 | DH9/10

Weight: 240g | 8.5oz

Frame size : 110 x 39 x 65 mm • 4.33 x 1.53 x 2.56 inches

Capacity: 180m | 200yd WF9F 30lbs micron

Material: Aircraft grade 6061 T651 AL Type II Anodizing 20mµ

kr 7500

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