With the 23′ Ninja DAIWA offers the latest Japanese design concept and inspirational technics – at an outstanding price-performance ratio!

Compared to the previous model the 23′ Ninja has been improved regarding essential features and now is more sensitive and stronger.

Thanks to the application of the new lightweight Airdrive Rotor the reel balance is shifted from the front unit to the lower reel part, leading to an improved total balance and a higher sensitivity at fishing. The lure feeling is improved and faster reactions are possible.

The precise and tough Digigear cares for high retrieving power and permanent silky-smooth and even running.

The new Airdrive bail is lighter than the previous version, highly durable and in combination with the new bail arm considerably decreases tanglings at casting. If the line should get tangled at the bail arm, it simply slides to the line roller via the arm when the handle is turned – to action necessary.

The ATD Type-L drag cares for an even and optimized line release under strain without high starting resistance, providing the required safety when fighting large specimen.

The aluminum Longcast ABS spool features a special spool rim that contributes to longer casting distances.

The Twistbuster III design at the line roller is perfect for the use of braided lines: the braid doesn’t get compressed during retrieving and less twist is the result.

Sizes 1000, 2000 and 2500-XH are delivered with I-Shape handle knob, sizes 2500 to 6000 with T-Shape handle knob.


LT Light & Tough




DS4 Body

Tough Digigear (ZN)

LC-ABS Spool

ATD Type-L drag

Machine cut Aluminium handle

Twist buster 3

kr 919

4 på lager



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