Prorex Screw-in screw Large

With this screw-in system you can rig your soft plastic lures in the way, which is perfectly fitting for fishing in shallow waters.

First fix the screw at the head of the soft plastic lure and then mount a double treble system at the screw via a split ring.

The hooks can be stuck into the belly of the soft plastic lure. Like this you get a system which can be presented slowly just below the surface.

To change the sinking behaviour, the Prorex Screw-In Weight Balancer can be screwed into the belly of the soft plastic lure. Ideal after the spawning season, when pike remain in shallow water areas!

The screw-in spiral, which is the basis for the Screw-In system

Spiral L / 5cm: Suitable for plastic lures of 20-30cm

kr 30

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