Vision VAPA Flyrod 7′ #3

Vapa, meaning “rod” in Finnish, lives up to its name as it’s a rod for everybody.

Easy to cast for beginners with its medium fast action but the more experienced angler shouldn’t be fooled by the price tag. Performs superbly for even the most experienced anglers.

We give a rating for the carbon that is used in each of our graphite rods. The higher the number the higher the modulus of the carbon that is used for the rod.

The rating is closely related to the tonnage of the carbon in each of the rods.
However this is not the whole truth as we use different carbon mixtures to achieve the wanted rod action and also the resins differ from model to model.

But this rating is an indication of the main carbon used in the blank.

Our premium rods use graphene in the resin and rods are identified by the Graphene logo.

kr 1799

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