Vision Hero 95 WF

The World-famous Hero series is expanding into fly line category!

Hero quality all-round fly lines for bargain price.

Hero 95 fly lines are our statement and act to offer quality fly line at reasonable price that everyone can afford.

Hero fly line family continues the famous saga of Hero rods that have been our one of the best selling rod series in recent years.

Hero 95 lines are true all-round fly lines with 9,5 meter head.

They are easy to cast and powerful lines that make them ideal for both beginners and experienced anglers.

The yellow head is ultra visible and gives great contrast to the dark running line.

Both ends have welded loops for easy use.
The high buoyancy floating lines ensure long drifts and easy mending.
Hero 95 is available in floating (WT3-WT7) and 10ft sink3 tip versions (WT5-WT7).

kr 649



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