Vision Scout 2.0 Strip

Active fisherman’s dream wader – Scout series: World leading breathability, Ultimate comfort & top-quality features

You’ll feel more comfortable than ever before in waders. Our most premium waders, Scout 2.0, are made from the revolutionary 37.5® Technology fabric, so you know that the breathability is at the world leading level. In short it results as world leading breathability and less sweating feeling. These waders have heavier bottom fabric and lighter upper fabric to increase comfort feeling.

Scout 2.0 Strip is the simplified and lighter version for active fishermen who values the ultimate breathability and light feeling. We removed the fully waterproof zipper and made a more simple, stretchy front pocket. Inside the front pocket we added our removable Vision Waterproof Pouch. Inside the wader you can still find the Scout flip pocket, and as this is also removable you can switch the WP pouch and flip the pocket’s place if wanted.

The fit and cut is the same as on other Scouts but as the aim was to make a lighter wader, we made it throughout from the lighter upper fabric. Obviously, this lighter fabric enhances the high breathability even more.

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